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At the age of 5 he stood by your car window begging for alms; it was a Monday morning and he should have been in school. You didn’t ask why he wasn’t, or how you could be of help. You ordered your chauffeur to wind up the glass.



At 12 he came to ask if he could cut your front yard grass. It was a Wednesday morning and he should have been in class. Apparently you couldn’t care less; you asked him to be sure he cut it low. And delayed his pay till it was perfectly done.


At the age of 19 he was shinning your shoes while you read the papers; so engrossed were you, you hardly glanced at him. And when you notice himself didn’t have shoes, you silenced your conscience with “Keep the change”.  


Now at 23 he’s in your neighbourhood with a short gun. It is Saturday night. You are left with no choice than to gun him down. “He died young,” we say, shaking our heads. For you it is a call to fortify, to build high fences and electrify, to guard yourself against his friends and foes, and be sure to be ready for the night unknown.


But after all your self-defence, when on Monday morning you drive to work, can you do something about his little brother who is 5 years old, standing by your car window begging for alms?


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  • Adela

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  • Clara

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  • Akonam Chybuikem Richards

    This is thought stimulating.....challenging...
    Those we do not attempt to provide help and guidance for today becomes snares and horror to us and our children....who today are within the age bracket of today's terrorist when we first met them.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Comment Link Tuesday, 11 July 2017 21:34 posted by Akonam Chybuikem Richards

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